As our body consumes more calories than we can burn, the excess is stored in the fat cell as triglycerides. Stress, lack of sleep, thyroid, hormones and unhealthy eating habits and the compounded effect of all these factors makes weight loss almost impossible.
The Lipolaser relies on Bio-stimulation, or the ability to stimulate the cell to heal itself. It emits into the subcutaneous fat tissue which breaks down the cell membrane and the contents of the fat cells, which are made up of free fatty acids, glycerol, and water. The laser stimulates the fat cell and creates tiny, porous openings for fat to be released just like squeezing a nice, round grape.
The bio-stimulation reaction then releases the fat which is drained away by the lymphatic system to different tissues in the body to be burned off during exercise. This is a natural and essential process that the body would undergo itself to function properly while exercising or burning excess calories. The only difference is that while you can’t precisely target where you want to lose inches while dieting and exercising, with this treatment, you can.
The laser stimulates the cell rather than destroy it, thus there is no harm to the cell or the surrounding areas including blood, peripheral nerves, and skin. The Laser-Lipo technology has been around for over 20 years and has numerous studies on its safety on healthy patients as well as patients with various health conditions.

Q:- What does Electro-lipolysis actually do?
Ans:- The technique uses a Medium frequency Micro Current (bio-medical current) of 3500 which can induce effortless, voluntary physical exercise without any strain or fatigue. Passive exercise with the help of machines is a good alternative to achieve slimming and firmness in the body for individuals who do not want to, or are unable to exercise.
Q:- How many Electro-lipolysis treatment sessions are required before I can see results?
Ans:- Results vary, but can be noticed even immediately after the first session- 1 to 1½ cm at the abdomen, 1 cm circumference at the thighs per treatment, and so on. This could then go up to 7 to 8 cm (singular measurement) after a series of treatments.
Q:- Is it painful?
Ans:- Electro-Lipolysis is a painless procedure which does not require anesthesia. It has a calming, relaxing effect and can be performed even during your lunch hour. A typical treatment session involves four phases: relaxation, stimulation, lipolysis and lymphatic drainage.HomeAbout


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