In the article given below we’ll discuss in detail about an important topic that’s ” WHAT IS THE RECOVERY PROCESS FOR THE COOLSCULPTING PROCEDURE?”

CoolSculpting is a revolutionary method that eliminates unwanted body fat. Unlike a surgery, this treatment approved by FDA is non-invasive and, thus much more safer. Although majority of individuals make excellent candidates for this procedure, you will still need to sit down with one of our physicians for confirmation to go through with the procedure.

During your consultation you will discuss about your goals as well as treatment plan with the assigned physician. Generally, one procedure will eliminate roughly about 20% body fat on the target area, and people usually achieve their desired results with just about 1 CoolSculpting treatment. For much more dramatic results, you can always complete three or more treatments, typically over a six- to eight-week period.

The one aspect of CoolSculpting that everyone wants to know is how long it takes to recover. Fortunately, there is absolutely no recovery period per se: You can simply return to your normal activities the same day as you underwent the procedure.

So we can say that because this treatment is non-invasive, recovery time is minimal. You can go straight back to your daily activities. In fact, some of our clients enjoy a therapeutic effect from the cold treatment. The only after-care you need to commit to is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you avoid NSAIDs before treatment, you shouldn’t experience any bruising from the suction device. Any local redness caused by the cold should subside very quickly once your skin warms back up.

Immediately Following a Procedure

After the treatment it is quite common to experience slight stiffness, which will generally go away in 10 to 20 minutes. The area of the body which has been treated will likely remain red for about 15 minutes or so once our physician removes the applicator. CoolScupting is a treatment that involves applying vacuum pressure, so immediately afterward, you may actually notice slight tenderness or bruising to area treated; however, that should go away in about 1 to 2 weeks.

CoolSculpting involves freezing fat cells on the area to be treated or target areas of the body using controlled cold. For that reason, you may actually notice a dulling sensation after a procedure. As with the other “side effects” mentioned, this is perfectly normal. Usually, any numbness lasts only a few hours, although it can take up to six to eight weeks to fully regain sensation.

Days to Weeks After a Procedure

On rare occasions, individuals who undergo CoolSculpting experience more persistent redness, although this usually improves over the course of a few days; the same actually is goes for bruising.

Most often, any bruising is slight and disappears in a couple of days but occasionally, it can be more significant and longer lasting. At most, bruising will take about one week to fade.

While actually going through a CoolSculpting procedure, it’s common to feel sensations like pinching, cramping, and tingling. After having a treatment, some people have those same sensations, which, like the other “side effects,” will actually go away in about 1 to 2 weeks.


During your consultation, our physician will provide you with details about what are the benefits of CoolSculpting’s and it’s side effects. You will learn what to watch for as far as anything out of the ordinary and when to contact the spa.

Because there’s no recovery time and only slight side effects, this treatment has become the number one way to actually get rid of unsightly fat. Not only does it produce incredible results, but it is also 100% safe.

To see just how effective CoolSculpting is, contact us now and book a consultation. In only about 2 months, you can enjoy a brand new and improved body.

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