Top 15 Winter Foods for Healthy Body

This article is all about top 15 winter foods for healthy body. WINTER!!! Heavy clothing, Hungry stomach, Food cravings… These are few specialties of winter. Temperature drops down during the winter season and hence our energy level to run throughout the day. Staying warm is only the good option, which is inevitable. Food plays an enthusiastic role in maintaining a warm body. Here are some super foods which help to keep you warm and healthy during winter.

Top 15 Winter Foods for Healthy Body are as follows:

    1. Most of the people feel convenient to have cereals for breakfast. Adding up nuts and almonds to the cereals can warm your body and indeed they are essential elements to boost your immune system.
    2. Dried fruits like apricot, dates, raisin also keep your body warm.
    3. Legumes, fully contain protein can help your body in warming and gives you energy in a particular moody weather.
    4. Green leafy vegetables like spinach are always best for the body. It supplies all essential vitamins that a body need.
    5. Carrot which contains carotene, Yam, Onion, Radish is said to be the warming vegetables.
    6. Cold and fever is the guest of winter. It is unavoidable. Basil-TULSI, the healthiest herb can fight infection and can strengthen the immune system.
    7. Include more winter fruits like orange, strawberry, kiwi fruit in your diet. Make sure to clean all fruits before eating.
    8. Cinnamon has high health benefits and also helps your body to stay warm in cold weather. Include cinnamon with coffee or tea in your diet.
    9. Although you find the tendency to neglect water, it is important to drink a moderate amount of water even in cold climate for the number of health benefits.
    10. Fenugreek leaves also known as METHI is enriched with vitamins and minerals. Including in the diet can prevent many health issues.
    11. Peas contain folic acid and rich in vitamin K. The antioxidant present in this vegetable helps you stay warm.
    12. Warm up your body with delicious vegetable or chicken soup. It can strengthen your bones too.
    13. Pomegranates contain more antioxidants than any other fruits. It can help in smooth blood flow to the heart.
    14. Cabbage is a perfect vegetable to eat during winter. This is a very low-calorie vegetable but is fully enriched with vitamin A, Vitamin K and vitamin C.
    15. Sweet potato high in Vitamin A is good for eyes. Healthy and delicious superfood is one of the best choices one could opt during winter.

Hunger means the body is healthy. Offer more carbohydrate and protein to your hunger body to be healthy. Only proper diet can help you strong in cold condition. Stay warm and healthy in chilled weather. In this article, you learned Top 15 Winter Foods for Healthy Body.

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