5 Unexpected Reasons for Weight Loss

5 Unexpected Reasons for Weight Loss

In this article, you will know about 5 unexpected reasons for weight loss. When it comes to overweight,  you know the usual suspects like too many calories, too much sugar, and fats or not doing enough exercise.

But if you are doing something right, and still the weight is the same then there some unexpected reasons behind it.


Sleep affects your body hormones that control hunger problems. You make sure getting at least 7-8 hours of healthy sleep per night for the proper working of hormones.

When your body doesn’t get seven to nine hours of sleep then you will feel hungry that will tend to eat more food.


Stress plays a major role in the weight gain.  In the beginning, it causes less hunger but long-term stress actually boosts your hunger problem. Firstly, stress causes many people to eat more.

Stress contributes to taking more calories due to which one can gain enough weight.

In addition, people in stress usually take high fat and sugar. Secondly, stress causes the body to produce the cortisol hormone. This hormone contributes to excess calories which causes weight gain.

Cortisol promotes body fat and makes difficult to lose weight. Thirdly, when someone is stress, usually taking less sleep. Less sleep causes the hormone ghrelin to increase.

Ghrelin is the major hormone and causes someone to feel hungry even when they don’t need to eat. For most people, stress is a cause of weight loss, but it is not good for health.

For those people which loses their hunger, weight loss is again not good for health. It causes weakness, dehydration and suppresses your immune system. Because of this, overall health is greatly affected.

Other Hormones Level

Other hormones levels such as estrogen, body growth hormone, testosterone affect the ability to lose weight and contribute enough gain.

If you are doing everything right like taking a healthy balanced diet, doing physical workout and still can’t seem to lose weight.

Then you should consult a doctor to get a hormone check.

Certain Prescription Drugs

Some prescription medications can also cause weight gain. There are certain side effects which increase your appetite. If you think this is the cause, the best is to consult a doctor.

Certain prescription medications such as mood disorders, seizures, high -blood pressure, migraines are also a greater cause of weight gain.

Whatever medicines you should take, go for it with a doctor consultation.


The thyroid is also called hyperthyroidism. It can lead to unnecessary weight loss.

Thyroid hormone regulates the metabolism in the humans. It does not have visible symptoms, Therefore, it becomes difficult to find them.

Well, this was the end of the article of 5 unexpected reasons for weight loss. These points make it hard to lose weight.

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