6 Fun Facts About Microneedling

Although the idea of inflicting “micro-injuries” on your skin to enhance your complexion might sound a little dubious, microneedling actually does this, and the effects can be quite striking. Although microneedling, also known as “collagen induction treatment,” is becoming more and more popular as a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation option, it is still shrouded in mystery.


Here are some illuminating information we’ve gathered to assist make things more obvious.



It’s not just for your face

 Stretch marks and scars can both be made to appear less noticeable with microneedling. Your body is stimulated to heal itself by creating and sending collagen to the area when these small needles puncture the skin. This is the ideal process for reducing skin imperfections.



Works Good on a variety of skin types

Collagen induction therapy may be a fantastic option for you if you have dry or oily skin, dark or light skin, pigmentation problems, are young or old, or have pigmentation difficulties with your skin.


It has many advantages, including lifting and tightening, reducing pore size, minimising skin discolouration, and more. There is only one restriction: microneedling treatment should be avoided by those who frequently experience acne outbreaks since it can spread bacteria and exacerbate pimple appearance.



It’s been around the block

 A doctor long ago discovered that inflicting minor wounds on the skin may encourage the synthesis of collagen, which would reinforce and improve the texture of the skin.


Although micro-needling has been around since the 1950s, the methods and equipment have substantially advanced, making it a very safe and efficient alternative when carried out by a professional.



Treatment is comfortable

 The needles of a microneedling device are smaller than a human hair strand, so when we say “micro” needles, we really mean it! To enhance your comfort throughout the procedure, we also apply a numbing cream.



You have a great option for microneedling with Us

 Microneedling may be right for you if you’re ready to reduce pore size and improve the texture of your skin. Plastic Surgery Services has the skills and experience to help you get stunning, risk-free results.

If you’d like to book a treatment or find out more about your options, get in touch with us right away. We would be delighted to learn about your issues and assist you in locating skincare remedies.



Our professionals will give you the best results

 Although you might be tempted to just purchase one of the many microneedling tools sold online, it’s crucial to keep in mind that this procedure does require skin punctures. Say no to DIY microneedling and select a skilled professional to deliver treatment in a sterile setting for your safety and the quality of your outcomes.


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