Does Laser Hair Removal Cause More Hair Growth

Does Laser Hair Removal Cause More Hair Growth

In the following we’ll be discussing a crucial topic that’s “Does laser hair removal cause more hair growth?” let’s discuss. Yes, in a rare number of cases laser hair removal causes more hair growth or in other words can stimulate growth. While we don’t yet know the exact reason for this, there are enough cases where this has happened for it to be a recognized problem with laser hair removal. The official or particular term for hair growth stimulation resulting from laser hair removal treatment is called hypertrichosis.

How Often Does It Occur?

Study 1 – Less than 1% Incident Rate

There haven’t been several studies observing paradoxical laser hair stimulation. However, one specific study looked at the effects of laser hair removal at one specific clinic on 489 patients. Out of those 489 patients, exactly 3 patients experienced what was deemed to be paradoxical laser hair stimulation.”Out of 489 patients, 3 treated with the long-pulsed alexandrite laser (755 nm) reported increased hair after laser hair epilation.”

Study 2 – 10.5% Incident Rate

Yet, in another study, the incident rate was much higher than this. 543 patients were treated at the same clinic in Spain for laser hair removal and while eighty percent of the patients detected substantial hair reduction or decrease, while 10.5% reported laser induced hair growth.”While nearly 80 % of patients saw some hair reduction or decrease with the ongoing treatment, about around 8 % showed no improvement, and also about 10.5 % experienced increased hair growth versus baseline” Regarding this Laser hair removal in dwarka are do their job so well.

This is the problem with scientific studies – it’s never matters of fact, rather quite messy, with a large number of variables that come into play. What we can say for sure is that the phenomenon is rare and most people won’t experience it.

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