How Does Laser Treatment Duration Differs For Varied Body Parts

How Does Laser Treatment Duration Differs For Varied Body Parts

In the following article we’ll mention a vital topic that’s “How Does Laser Treatment Duration Differs For Varied Body Parts?” let’s discuss within the article given below:

In the past several years, laser hair removal has continued to grow in popularity, beating out other, less-permanent methods like waxing, tweezing, and shaving.

Laser hair removal can actually be used safely as well as effectively on many different parts of the body where you may have unwanted hair. It’s really important to note, however, that the time, cost anls well as overall effectiveness of laser hair removal can vary considerably based on the area of the body being treated.

The treatment usually works better on thick, dark hairs as compared to thin, lighter ones. Following is a breakdown of what to expect from laser hair removal on many different parts of the body.

Laser Hair Removal on Legs

Generally speaking, Legs yield the best results for laser hair removal out of all other body parts. Because leg hairs – especially on the lower leg – are thicker and darker, you can usually see amazing results within as few as 3 treatments.

As you continue laser hair removal, you will also be able to go much longer between sessions. Some patients can go as long as 12 weeks before seeing any new hair growth in the treated area.

Laser Hair Removal on Face

If we talk about Facial laser hair removal, it requires more frequent sessions and may even take longer compared to other body parts to show effects for two reasons: 

1) Hair is quite thin as well as light on the face when compared to other areas, and

2) the face generally has a higher percentage of hairs in the ‘resting’ phase of the growth cycle.

Hairs that are in a growth phase tend to respond more rapidly to laser hair removal rather than the ones in resting phase. Laser hair removal on the face is often better for grooming and maintenance than for complete hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal on Bikini Area

Laser hair removal is actually quite effective in the bikini area since the hair growing in this area tends to be the kind that actually responds best to the procedure i.e. coarse as well as dark. Since the thickness of hairs in the bikini area can actually vary, you shouldn’t expect total hair removal, but you will see significant as well as really noticeable improvement. Plan for 6-7 sessions that are about a month apart.

Laser Hair Removal on Underarms

Laser hair removal is safe as well as really effective for underarm hair reduction. Several patients even see an improvement in the dark shading that can often appear in the underarm area after years of other hair removal tactics.

It can actually take from 6-8 treatments every 2 months to achieve satisfyingly permanent hair reduction in the underarm region.

Whether you choose laser hair removal only on specific areas of your body, or you actually prefer it for all-over hair reduction, contact us to now and get the best deals according to your schedule.

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