How HIFU Treatment is Helpful for Us

How HIFU Treatment is Helpful for Us

In this article, you will learn about how HIFU treatment is helpful for us. A HIFU procedure is a new technique that is approved by the FDA to removing the prostate tissue. Through, it has not been approved for the treatment of prostate cancer. It is being used in various clinical trials to treat it. Researchers are figuring that how it well works and what are the side effects. Men who suffer from cancer that has not spread and may getting a surgery. Your doctors suggesting it either before you have radiation therapy or other treatments that didn’t help. It can also be done well if cancer comes back to your prostate. It is not used when cancer has spread to other parts of your body.

How Does HIFU Work?

If you have ever used a magnifying glass to reflect the sun rays and burn a hole into a leaf then you know how HIFU works. Instead of the light rays, HIFU basically used sound waves that point through the wall of your rectum which is the bottom part of your large intestine. By doing this, they direct the waves at your cancer cells.

In HIFU treatment, sound waves heat up the temperature as high as 70F to 80F. It can kill cancer cells in just a few seconds. In this doctors basically, use ultrasound imaging or resonance imaging (MRI) to tell them exactly where the tumor is and where to point the sound waves.

Here Below Several Advantages –


Losing Extra Body Weight Very Easily :

Sometimes, it is much frustrating that stubborn fat getting collects around the waistline. It is not decreased by any diet or any exercise. Therefore, if you want a perfect slim and healthy look without any surgery then HIFU treatment is the best option for you. Mainly in this procedure, high-intensity ultrasound energy is focused at the great depth of 1.2 cm through an Adipose tissue. This focused high-intensity energy allows the energy to pass through the skin and the other intervening tissue. It reaching the body fat layer to producing high energy above 58°C.

This temperature is much enough for the great destruction of fat cells. This procedure works only for target cells and keeping the surrounding tissue unharmed. It must be noted that treated fat cells are harmlessly eliminated by the body natural healing system.

Completely Nonsurgical Procedure :

Unlike any other surgical procedures which involving downtime or surgical risks, HIFU treatment is completely a non-surgical procedure without any side effects. In this, with a single HIFU session, you can reduce average about 1 inch of waistline. In which, carvers provides the best treatment. Treatment protocols at carvers clinic are extremely an patient-friendly. Our patients are much happy to treated at our clinic which encompasses a much friendly atmosphere. Our consultants are well trained and efficient who taking the patient comforts much seriously.

By reading this above article we conclude that HIFU treatment is really much helpful for us. Our treatments are not only safe and effective but also clinically proven and researched. We place a lot of emphasis on providing the best results.

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