Immunity Boosters and Busters

Immunity Boosters and Busters

In the article given below we’ll be discussing a crucial topic that’s “Immunity Boosters and Busters” let’s discuss it in detail:

Immunity is actually the most searched word lately, from morning tea to the last meal at nighttime, all needs to be enriched with immunity boosters. There is absolutely no doubt that we need to be much more focused on what we eat and how we lead a healthier lifestyle, since it is actually the only savior of ourselves in this unprecedented times.

To enhance immunity, we really need to include healthy diet and lifestyle choices in our daily living. Simultaneously, reduce those which impairs our immunity. So now we actually need to work on list of Immune busters and boosters, most significantly to live a healthy life.

Immune Busters

  • Inadequate sleep
  • Not being active, leading a sedentary lifestyle
  • Too much of S’s – Be it Stress, Sugar, Salt  or TranS Fat
  • Eating an excessive amount of of fried foods / processed and junk foods
  • High consumption of carbohydrates
  • Poor Gut Health
  • Alcohol and Smoking

Immune Boosters

  • Eating a healthy diet which is quite rich in antioxidant, vitamins as well as minerals
  • Adequate sleep, getting a minimum of 6 to 8 hours of sleep in night is important
  • Exercising a minimum of a about 30 to 45 minutes each day 
  • Meditation and Yoga assist to reduce stress and put mind as well as soul at relax state
  • Get some sun outdoors so as to get your daily dose of vitamin D 

Way forward

Eat a Healthy Diet

The nutrients you really get from plant-based foods such as herbs, fruits, vegetables as well as spices, are really essential to keep your immune system functioning properly.

Rich food sources of Antioxidants – vitamin C includes things like Amla, Oranges, Bell peppers, Gauva, Strawberries, Lemons. Vitamin E – Spinach, Broccoli, Nuts & Seeds. Beta-Carotene – Mangoes, Sweet Potatoes, Pumpkin, Carrots as well as Dark Leafy Greens.

Vitamin D – you’ll be able to get your daily dose of vitamin D if you expose yourself in the natural sunlight or supplements after medical advice. The only plant sources of vitamin D are Mushrooms.

Zinc – Some really great sources of zinc include flaxseeds, nuts, sunflower seeds, beans, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds as well as lentils.

Furthermore, stay hydrated (8 to 12 glasses of water in a day) and eat foods like garlic, ginger, turmeric, tulsi, neem giloy as every one plays a unique role in supporting immune function.

Stress meter under control

The body goes into “fight-or-flight” response, cortisol hormone contains a beneficial effect of really preventing the immune system from responding before the stressful event is over. Yoga as well as meditation helps to not simply combat stress but also strengthen an individual’s immunity.

Essence of a Goodnight Sleep

Body heals as well as regenerates while one is sleeping, making adequate sleep quite critical for a healthy immune response. Furthermore, sleep deprivation elevates cortisol levels, which doesn’t really have good impact on immunity. On average, adults need 6-8 hours. To ensure one get quality sleep, prioritize and practice good sleep hygiene like turn off the electronics a minimum of two to 3 hours before bed, and avoid violent or stressful books or conversations and have perfect ambience of bedroom with your favorite fragrance incense.

Exercise regularly

As per WHO, the recommended amount of exercise is 30 to 45 minutes per day for a minimum of 5 days during a week. Moreover, exercise can also release feel-good chemicals like endorphins that assists us to sleep better! Being active on a daily basis is the new mantra in achieving immunity.

Reduce alcohol and Tobacco

Smoking as well as high consumption of alcohol and tobacco (both chewing and smoking) actually lessen the ability of white blood cells to kill germs and further impairs immunity!

Environmental Chemicals

Household chemicals/ Detergents residue / cookware, etc. can actually add toxins which inhibit the immune system.

It is quite important to remain positive in all times in all realm of life including living a healthy one. Fuel body with a healthy diet, to possess the energy for exercise, if one can do it outdoors (in the sun) results to actually reduce stress and also sleep better, sleep further helps body to recover as well as strengthen to fight against busters and boost immunity to eternal levels. The letter “I” within the word of “Immunity” is actually the only 1, who will really work towards it and that “I” represents you.

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