Is laser Hair Removal Painful for legs, face or underarms


Is Laser Hair Removal Painful for Legs, Face or Underarms

In this article, you will learn about is laser hair removal painful for legs,face or underarms. You can skip shaving for weeks if you could endure a laser You can skip shaving for weeks if you could endure a laser hair elimination session.

Although, these long-term effects comes with some obvious discomfort (because, you know, lasers). The great news is that the pain differs, depending upon where you get it done — that could be any number of spots.

In fact, pretty much every area of the body could be treated with laser hair removal treatment besides anything that is in or around an orifice, so any flagrant ear and nose hairs will have to stay (or be tweezed away).
Here is how the pain factor stacks up.

Pain Level on a scale of 1 – 10, and 10 being the worst

The Spot: Your Face
Pain level: 2- 8

It is a long range, but the depth of your skin varies also on your face (this is why, for eg., you require a thicker lotion around the eyes than your general moisturizer). The upper lip is undoubtedly the most painful region on your face because the skin here is thinner and delicate than anywhere else on your face.

“It feels like a rubber band smash, very quick yet very snappy”. Thus, on one hand, you feel like you are being whipped, but, on the other hand, you are losing your mustache.

It seems like a valuable trade. And on the spots where the skin is thicker — like your sideburns and chin — the pain is way more tolerable and therefore, it is on the lower end of the pain spectrum.

The Spot: Underarms
Pain Level: 9

This is easily the most sensitive region on the body for laser hair evacuation, according to the patients “It feels like a deep needle poking, though hair extraction works so great under the arms, that patients always come back to complete the evacuation”.

The Spot: Legs
Pain Level: 6 or 7

Relatively, your legs are the most painless areas when it comes to laser hair evacuation pain. “Every now and then there is a ‘zinger’ but otherwise, it just feels like bearable snapping on the skin”.

Other Factors:

Dark Hair:

It is worst for dark hair. They will absorb more laser light. More concentrated laser beam equates to more pain.

First Session:


It is the most painful session. Because for the first time the will be more hair. After taking the first session, hair will get less dense than before. So, you will start feeling less pain in consecutive sessions.

Depend on the person:

It depends on the person’s ability to tolerate the pain. Not everybody can tolerate the same amount of pain as others can do. Some people have very sensitive skin who cannot tolerate anything. So, it depends upon the sensitivity of your skin and the ability to tolerate the pain.

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