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In a nut shell, Franchise partner will be given full support in each and every nuance of the field. Establishment of the clinic, design, minimum space required, availability of genuine equipment specially designed for Carvers, training of the staff etc. Franchise will also be given support in promotion and marketing section like designing of flyers and pamphlets, commercials in newspapers and magazines, it’s website and social media coverage etc.
We at Carvers do not look at the franchise partners as business partners. We prioritize the importance of establishing successful business relations. The success of the franchise partners is imperative to the mission of Carvers. They would be offered full support and guidance at every step. Partners would also benefit from the latest technology, technical know how, ins and outs of the trade that we have accumulated over the years. Dr. Rekha Singh, the chief psychologist and nutritionist, having an industry experience of over 15 years herself, would have a hands-on approach with the franchise partners and would take extensive interest in their franchise. Dr. Singh’s successful experience in dealing with a multitude of clients is in itself invaluable to the franchise partners.
The equipment used at Carvers adheres to the industry standard and is abreast with the latest technological developments in the slimming and weight-loss sector. The same would be extended to our franchise partners. It goes without saying that our partners would be given a complete understanding of the various procedures and practices that hugely contribute to the growing popularity of Carvers. If need be, the trained therapists can be present at the facility of our franchise partners during the initial period.
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