Quick Eating And Its Drawbacks

Quick Eating And Its Drawbacks


Food is considered as one of the core factors for the existence of human life, so while taking food there are certain measures or rules that should be followed.

Food is not only a pleasure for the tongue but also one which determines the health and life of a person. While taking food there are several of measures which are to be strictly followed.

People often say one should not eat foods that are too cold, too hot, too oily too spicy too salty so and so, like all these factors one should also consider the speed while eating.

Eating food too fast may lead to several health problems. Many people ignore this and grew the habit of eating fast, this may lead to several serious health issues like obesity and metabolic syndrome.

Drawbacks of speed eating

  •       Obesity

There are many problems that arise due to fast eating habits one among them is obesity. When the food is taken quickly it turns into unwanted fat which leads to obesity this is because we eat more than we need and we don’t feel full when we intake food quickly.

  •       More calories

While eating food it takes almost 20 minutes for the brain to send a signal of ‘fullness’, so if we eat quickly we may end up eating more food, that is we may consume more calories within the time the brain sends the signal of fullness.


So in order to avoid this, it is desirable to eat the food slowly.

  •       You may Choke

One of the most found drawbacks is that while eating food quickly you may end up choking. The food we eat is recommended to be chewed twenty-seven times before swallowing.

So not doing so and eating quickly may result in choking the food. So you must eat the food carefully and slowly by chewing it well before swallowing.

  •       No taste

According to several studies, it is observed that those who eat the food quickly cannot taste the food properly while compared with those people who eat food slowly

  •       Affects Health

According to various studies conducted by researchers, it is found that if the people consume 690 calories within 5 minutes, it causes the acid reflux to increase by more than 50% when the digestive track gets loaded by food more than it can handle.

This can also lead to various other problems like narrowing of the esophagus, internal bleeding, and various other digestive problems.

Apart from the above-mentioned factors many other problems also arise when we intake food quickly. While eating food quickly we will be gulping large quantity of air along with the food, this air can later cause discomfort in our stomach.

So, it is always better to intake the food slowly so that we can avoid many serious health issues that may arise as a result of fast eating.

So, remember to chew the food well before swallowing and also to take enough time for eating. Always maintain your body fit by taking care of your health.

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