What Are The Do S And Don TS After A Chemical Peel

A chemical peel gives the skin radiance, softness, freshness, and a youthful appearance. A peel does require some healing time, though, as your results materialise. Follow these instructions to make sure you get the most out of your chemical peel during the recovery time. 


Easy does it 

Take care of your skin. Apply moderate or light lotions, warm (not hot) water, and a soft washcloth. Avoid using anything abrasive or piercing to the skin that can affect how well your chemical peel works. 


Use mild skin creams containing antioxidants to keep your skin as moisturised and moist as possible throughout the post-peel recovery period. This aids in the recovery process. Just be careful not to apply anything too piercing or apply any products excessively. 

Protect your skin. 

You should avoid exposure to direct sunlight, especially after a chemical peel. If you can, avoid the sun entirely. Use a soft, high-SPF sunscreen if there is even the slightest danger of sun exposure. Defend your skin from the sun and other damaging elements. 

Follow the advice from Carpenter. 

You’ll receive guidance from our experts on how to take care of your skin as it heals. We will work with you to guarantee that your skin heals quickly and effectively. After your peel, we’ll give you a unique gel to calm your skin. 


Avoid using exfoliators.  

You might believe that using an exfoliant or scrub will speed up skin shedding. Actually, they don’t truly assist, and they could even harm your skin while it’s healing. No matter how tempting it may be to want to hasten the process, let your skin shed naturally. 

A big no-no is picking at your skin! 

Picking at your skin as it is shedding can be incredibly alluring. Defy the urge. Picking at your skin can harm it. A chemical peel is intended to give you skin that is healthy and radiant. Your skin must shed over time in order to accomplish that. Try to be patient as it naturally sloughs off. 

You have a get-out-of-gym free card 

Itchy skin might result from sweat. So you can skip the gym guilt-free this time. While you’re recovering, keep your cool, avoid using the sauna or steam room, and avoid working out until you start to perspire. 

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