What Is The Benefit Of HIFU(High intensity Focused Ultrasound)


What Is The Benefit Of HIFU(High intensity Focused Ultrasound)

In this article, what is the benefit of HIFU(high intensity focused ultrasound)? It is a non-invasive therapeutic technique. This treatment uses the non-ionizing ultrasonic waves to heat tissue to the body.

It can also be used to destroy the tissue of the body and increase the flow of blood of the body through a various number of mechanisms.

The treatment can also be used to treat the number of disorders. The technology is similar to the ultrasonic imaging although in this pulse waves are used to achieve the necessary thermal doses. In this acoustic lenses are used to achieve the necessary thermal doses. To achieve the necessary intensity at the target tissue, we use acoustic lenses without damaging surrounding tissue.

In this analogy is using a great magnifying glass to focus sunlight. In this, lenses have been traditionally used. In which phase arrays allow the focal position to be easily changed. HIFU can be combined with other imaging techniques such as MRI or medical ultrasound. It enables the proper guidance of monitoring and treatment.

Areas Can Be Treated By HIFU Session-

– Hips

– Buttocks

– Inner arms

– Inner thighs

– Outer thighs


Best Advantages Of HIFU Treatment –


Minimally Invasive Procedure:

The technology of HIFU is also used in prostate cancer treatment. In this ultrasound energy to kill and target the cancerous lesions in the prostate. In HIFU treatment, ultrasound waves precisely target all the surgeon defined targets without damaging any surrounding tissue.

Reduced The Recovery Period:

HIFU treatment causing a minimal cell damage. Because of this, it causing no blood loss like any other similar trauma. It also allows getting back to your normal schedule in which the recovery period is very fast.

In HIFU, non-surgical side effects or radiation are used. With traditional treatment methods which are typically invasive, recovery time is much different. In surgery and several radiation sessions, recovery and healing times is much large but in HIFU you will early recover.

Losing Extra Body Weight Very Easily:

Sometimes, it is frustrating that stubborn fat collects around the waistline. It does not decrease by any exercise or diet. Therefore, if you want a perfect slim look without any surgery then HIFU Liposonix is the best option for you.

In this procedure, high-intensity ultrasound energy is focused at the depth of 1.3 cm into the Adipose tissue. This focused high-intensity energy allows the energy to pass through the skin and the other intervening tissue.

It reaching the body fat layer to produce high energy above 58° C. This temperature is much enough for the rapid destruction of fat cells. This procedure works only target cells and keeping the surrounding tissue unharmed.

It must be noted that treated fat cells are harmlessly eliminated by the body’s natural healing system.

Completely Nonsurgical Procedure:

Unlike any other surgical procedures which involve surgical risks and downtime, HIFU(High intensity focused ultrasound) treatment is a completely non-surgical procedure without any side effects. With a single HIFU session, you can reduce average about 1-inch waistline or 1 dress.

In this, carvers provide the best HIFU treatment. Services provided by carvers is very personal and designed to help every client to get the best results.

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