What Should I do after Laser Hair Removal

What Should I Do After Laser Hair Removal

In the following we will be discussing an important topic that is “What should I do after laser hair removal” and will discuss about it in detail within the article: After the laser hair removal procedure, you might notice redness as well as swelling for the first few hours. To reduce any sort of discomfort, apply some ice to the treated area. If you have a skin reaction instantly after the laser hair removal procedure, the doctor might apply a steroid cream to the affected area. Regarding this Laser hair removal in dwarka are do their job so well.

After laser hair removal as well as between scheduled treatments, avoid any exposure to the sun — both natural sunlight as well as tanning beds — for about 6 weeks or as directed by your doctor. You should use a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily.

Post-Treatment Care

  • You should avoid extended UV exposure for seven days of post-treatment.
  • If any sort of blisters occurs, do not puncture. If the skin is broken, you must apply an antibiotic ointment until it is healed.
  • Tylenol is recommended for post-treatment discomfort.
  • Over the counter medication is recommended for any sort of post-treatment discomfort. You may also apply Restorative Gel (highest recommended), cool towels, ice packs or Aloe Vera to alleviate discomfort due to heat.
  • Avoid using seat warmers immediately after treatment.
  • Avoid any additional laser treatments or chemical procedures on the treated area for at least two weeks after the treatment or until healing has occurred.
  • Using a broad-spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 30 or any type of higher one is critical when receiving laser treatments and is additionally recommended ongoing for maintenance.
  • If you experience any type of side effects, like hypo- or hyper-pigmentation, a histamine reaction, prolonged redness or swelling, or blistering, call or simply just come in for instructions on treatment.
  • To achieve the best and most effective results, complete the full treatment schedule at the intervals recommended by your technician/doctor.
  • You should exfoliate the treated areas to minimize any risk of ingrown hairs.
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