Why do Women Naturally have Much More Body Fat than Men

Why do Women Naturally have Much More Body fat than men

In the following article we will be discussing about the topic why do women naturally have much more body fat than men.While it is obviously not true in all of the cases, women usually have a higher percentage of body fat than men.

1. Biological

There are many reasons as to why women have more body fat than men. One reason is biological. Body fat content for women at normal size is 25% as compared to 15% for men. All other things being equal, such as exercise levels and age, women require much fewer calories per pound of body weight daily as compared to men. Regardign this Laser hair removal in dwarka are doing their work so well

2. Harmone Cause

It has suspected for a long time that female sex hormones are responsible as to why women have more body fat then men, but a research has drawn a link for the first time between one hormone – estrogen – and its impact on fat storage for childbearing.

3. Control Pills cause the body to produce increased Amounts of Fat

Female hormones make it much easier to convert the fat into food. More often it is the Women who do the cooking in the households. Finally, birth control pills cause the body to produce increased amounts of water and fat, specifically in fat-prone women. The Hormone estrogen will cause increased deposition of fat alone. In order to maintain the same weight, anyone on the pill needs to decrease caloric intake by at least 10%.

On average, women have 6 to 11% more body fat as compared to men. Studies show that the hormone estrogen reduces a woman’s ability to burn energy after eating, which in turn result in more fat being stored around the body.

” early pregnancy and Female puberty are the basic times of increased estrogen where it could be seen as states of efficient fat storage in preparation for fetal development, fertility and lactation,” as stated in a research by O’Sullivan who is apparently an Associate Professor.

The findings that appear in Obesity Reviews, may have implications for the design of exercise regimes and dietary advice given to women during their pregnancy.

“There is hardly any explanation why women should be fatter than men, from an energy balance point of view, especially since men consume more calories proportionately,” as stated by Associate Professor Anthony O’Sullivan. “In fact, women burn off more fat than men during exercise, yet they still don’t lose body fat with exercise as much suggesting women are more efficient fat stores at other times. Hence the question arises as to why does this paradox exist?”

An obvious or clear answer to the above question is that fat storage by women gives an evolutionary benefit, however an additional research was needed to provide more insights and reasons into the role of estrogen in the regulation of body fat.

After 40, the solution or key to weight loss is increased exercise and fat calorie control.Weight loss in the 50’s and 60’s is very slow compared to the early stages of life. Nonetheless, when needed, it so markedly improves overall health status and the way a person looks and feels that it is well worth all the effort.

Associate Professor O’Sullivan also added that while estrogen’s effects on postprandial fatty acid oxidation and provides a mechanism for fat accumulation, the findings or discoveries do not explain as to why some women are obese. Factors contributing to obesity are very complex and include both factors genetic as well as environmental.

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