6 Cool things you didn’t know about Coolsculpting

6 Cool Things you Didn’t know about Coolsculpting


1 . It Destroys Fat, Not Tissue

It turns out that fat cells are very receptive to freezing temperatures in a style that your other tissue is not. Meaning that you can subject parts of your body to extreme cold energy without fretting that you’ll harm your skin at all.

The method is formally known as cryolipolysis (“cryo” means “cold”), and that cold energy goes directly to the fat cells! Certainly, you might feel a little chilly during the treatment, but that’s about it.

2. It’s Permanent

The basic thought regarding weight loss and fat is that you must be very careful, or it might develop back. Believe it or not, this is not an issue with CoolSculpting. As the CoolSculpting method totally destroys the fat cells, they cannot come back. Weight loss in the parts operated will be permanent!

This does not mean that you are now resistant to weight gain. If you do not sustain a nutritious diet and exercise, the weight will come back in different parts of your body.

3. Not Invasive, No Scars

Liposuction can be a very effective method for fat loss, only the bottom line is that it is still a surgery. It is intrusive. We have to make an incision, physically eliminate the fat cells, and close it up again.

Even though the surgery would be as insignificant as possible, chances are that there will however be a scar at the place it was made.There are no scars left with the process of CoolSculpting.

4 . No Pain, No Recovery Time


This is an important one. Liposuction can be excellent, however, it still involves a surgery. And surgery is correlated with the recovery period.

After the treatment of liposuction, your body requires to adapt to the instant loss of fat, while recovering and rebuilding all of the tissues which were damaged by the surgery. The period of recovery takes quite a bit of time, including some pain, and can be quite uncomfortable.

Again, there are no such problems with CoolSculpting! Your skin might feel like it has been a little freezer- burned for a few hours following the treatment, but that is it.

And considering it needs few weeks for your metabolism to absorb the marred fat cells, your body will not have the instant shock of abruptly being pounds lighter. It will appear naturally, providing your body time to adapt.

5. Don’t Just Stand in a Meat Freezer!

For anyone out there who is thinking “Wait a minute, I have access to a walk-in freezer! DIY CoolSculpting, here I come!” – hold on for a minute.

Yes, cold energy destroys the fat cells, but CoolSculpting is a very specific method that requires a licensed professional to conduct. It uses a highly technologically advanced applicator to directly target fat cells in obstinate parts of the body like under the arms or love handles.

Locking up yourself in a freezer in the hope of dropping a few pounds won’t work.

6. CoolSculpting tightens your skin

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently allowed the CoolMini as a skin-tightening procedure in the submental region. It means that if you are having a little baggy skin along with your double chin, when you drop your fat with CoolMini, you will lose the sagginess, too.

The cosmetic aesthetic specialists judge the character of your skin as a part of your CoolSculpting or CoolMini consultation. If you are having more than normal sagging, you may require a co-therapy with Ultherapy.

Well this was the end of article of 6 Cool things you didn’t know about Coolsculpting. Since it is totally non-invasive, you do not have to bother about any side effects, but reddish skin for about a day after.

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