11 Signs That Tell You Are Fat


11 Signs That Tell You Are Fat

If you are looking for various signs that tell you are fat, then this article 11 Signs That Tell You Are Fat is made exactly for you. Weight gain may result from an increase in muscle mass or fat. Body fat is a result of lack of exercise or lack of physical work. Overweight is also known as “Obesity”. Slowly and slowly a person starts gaining weight and even they don’t know that a time comes and they become obese or fat.

There are mainly 11 signs that tell you are fat:

  • The first one is that daily activities make you breathless like you get breathless when you walk a short distance or when you use stairs you become breathless, this shows you are overweight. This also shows that your heart is not working properly or is under stress.
  • There may be a medical condition which shows that you are fat like high blood pressure, the high sugar level in blood or say hemoglobin is not good. When you hear that all these medical status has changed then you should become alert that now you need to lose weight on urgent basis.
  • Excessive weight can also lead to snoring in the night. If you snore in the night that clearly shows that you are fat as around your neck the body stores fat and it becomes difficult for the air to help you breathe properly.
  • Another sign that tells you are fat is that your clothes don’t fit you like it was before.
  • You will feel fat around your belly or hips when you start gaining weight.
  • It has been mainly noticed that the person who works in an office and has sitting work mainly gains weight around their waist.
  • Your jeans have suddenly become too tight or old size doesn’t fit you at all, it’s a sign that you have gained fat now.
  • You may always feel hungry and want to have more food at regular interval of time; this clearly indicates that you are getting fat.
  • Overeating is always an indication that you are fat and your body needs more and more food.
  • Incomplete food or the wrong type of food may lead to lack of protein or more fatty foods.
  • If you are suffering from back pain or knees problem then this shows that you are fat. If your body is heavy, you will face joint pain or you may feel pain in your lower back.

These were 11 Signs That Tell You Are Fat. If you are looking for weight loss clinic in Delhi, then you can visit us.


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