7 Yoga Asanas To Reduce Weight


7 Yoga Asanas To Reduce Weight

This article, 7 yoga asanas to reduce weight will help you to get knowledge about the ways to reduce weight through yoga asanas. The epic of the nation India shows that its knowledge and empowered skills are so pervasive in any field. Apparently, there exists an extravagant practice in a stream for physical body maintenance colliding maintenance of peaceful mind as well. This is what called yoga asana.

Yoga is not just a practice to ensure physical fitness alone. It surpasses the scope widely to maintain body, mind, and soul. Yoga asanas developed different postures to pave way for a fit, concrete, and healthy body structure. It not only helps reduce body weight but also is a perfect practice regulating boosted metabolic activities and so a calm and stress-free mindset is obtained.


Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar is one of the most popular asanas which is a physical workout having 12 different postures. It is advised to do it on empty stomach at early morning (Brahma muhurtham 4 am). Surya Namaskar is an artistic asana which, along with helping develop a figure, also is a method of worshiping Lord Surya according to Hindu mythology.

Chaturanga Dandasana

This is a posture where the entire body is uplifted and supported by legs and hands pressed towards the ground. It makes your head face down to the floor. One must ensure that entire body is parallel to the ground while performing this asana. It tones both biceps and triceps.

Urdhva Mugha svanasana

This posture stretches arms firmly pressed towards the ground, the upper half of the body lifted up and the head facing the ceiling. While doing it the legs must be stretched along the ground. This asana tones biceps, triceps, and arms.

Nauka asana

Under this pose, one must form a boat or V shape to do asana. The upper body and legs should be raised up in a straight V shape and hands horizontally positioned pointed towards the area next to knees. This helps burn belly fat.


This posture resembles warriors. Hands are raised up straight above head and brought together into a prayer position. The right leg must be put forward as in the beginning of a running race. Another leg must be pulled back. This burns excess fat in the thigh, arms, and back of the body.

Adhomugha svanasana

This posture is exercised by bringing the leg firmly pressed on floor and hands touched straight on floor forming a downward V like a mountain. It tones biceps and arms. Hands and legs must be apart in a normal stretch.


This asana can be performed by sitting straight, bringing legs cross each other placed over the thigh, left hand on right leg knee and the other taken to the back of the body. The face must go in the direction of the left leg.

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