The most dangerous fat is the easiest to lose

The most dangerous fat is the easiest to lose

The most dangerous fat is the easiest to lose

It is the dream of every weight loss enthusiast to lose all the belly fat, far from the pure vanity. There are various reasons why having belly fat is dangerous to us especially if we talk about our visceral fat. Fat is stored all over our body but below is the explanation of how belly fat can cause chronic illness to us.

Location, Location, Location

All the fat in the body stored can affect our body differently depending on where it is accumulated. Most of the body fat such as thigh, arm, legs and buttocks are mostly considered as subcutaneous fat. Belly fat mostly is considered as visceral fat.

  • Pinch able  vs press able 

All the subcutaneous fat are mostly punch able, squishy far right below the skin and muscle helps us to keep us warm and along with that they keep us cushiony and protect us from shock, along with that keep all the calories stored in that. Visceral fat also stores all the fat but they are not pinch-able because it is located in and around our organs along with that it is hidden deep within the belly region which makes it firm if we press it.

  • Proximity 

Fats are not only the calories but it also stores all the fats and tissues capable of releasing all the hormones that affect our body. As visceral fat stored near our organs. Release of these chemicals are poorly situated. Along with that, having more visceral fat can make us less sensitive towards insulin.

  • Know your family healthy history

In your family history like your parents or your sibling have insulin resistance, heart disease or non-alcoholic, fatty liver you may be at the greater risk for storing the visceral fat. Observing visceral fat may be beneficial, but you may know the cause of chronic disease is complex. You can consult to your health care providers if you are having any of the doubt.

  • Banishing visceral fat 

If you are having a normal range of WC and WHR that’s a great you can observe and keep working at your weight loss and goals that you will be fit.

If you are not among one of them you need not despair because of its proximity in the liver, as the visceral fat is the easiest fat to be burned. Also it is less risky subcutaneous fat that sticks around us.

Eventually you will not be able to burn your fat in spite of all the heavy crunches you do. Following are some of the best steps you can follow.

  1. Go beyond weight tracking- you can do routine track of your waist, hip or even your neck region or neck circumference  to see all the changes going on in your body shape.
  2. Sweat for 30-60 minutes each day- visceral fats respond well to regulate all the exercises which include running, biking, rowing, swimming that will eventually increase the rate of your heart.
  3. Eat a balanced diet- eat all the diet having whole grain fresh fruits and also vegetables in them they must also include lean protein along with calories set for a gradual loss in weight. Way back on the added sugars and alcohol and these nutrients are more likely to end up in increasing our visceral fat.
  4. Sleep more, stress less- as it is said in the easiest way to sleep more and stress less, but if you want to take care of your body you need to take care of your physical and mental status. Sleep loss along with stress can sabotage your health and fitness goals too. So you need to learn more about getting a quality night’s rest and how to use meditation or yoga to calm your mind. As it’s not only about your health it’s about your happiness also.

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