Microgreens for health and weight loss

Microgreens for health and weight loss

Microgreens for health and weight loss, all you need to know

I had been thinking for a long time of preparing microgreens at home. In spite of having a huge fan of sprouting I could never grow microgreens at home. Since last week I restarted my healthy and clean eating schedule.  Though I was trying to do my best yet I found it difficult to add extra fiber in my diet as I am also trying to cut on carbohydrates intakes. This all made me take microgreens seriously. So here I am today with this blog on microgreens for good health and weight loss.

Green vegetables have lots of fiber in every different form along with vitamins, minerals, as well as other essential nutrients. Green Vegetables help in improving other email systems along with good health it also provides us energy levels. Green vegetables also are essential for the cognitive health of any individual which helps in detoxifying bear liver. Briefly, green vegetables are important not only because they help us to manage our weight.

I think that micro functional food that helps us in weight loss also microgreens are considered more nutritious than some regular plants. Weight gain Doesn’t define overeating. If you will talk about my experience I don’t eat more than 1200 to 1400 calories but it is difficult for me to control my own weight at the age of 56. There are various other reasons for weight gain such as Lack of Vitamin k, vitamin B vitamin C Phosphorus polyphenols iron and fibres. 

Microgreens for weight loss and health

  • Microgreens reens is known to contain various dietary fibres which  eventually keep Craving for food under control. Show microgreen is that fibrous food which is very necessary for weight loss. It also gives our health a push.

Not only are the microgreen high in dietary fiber good for improving fat metabolism which prevent Constipation I said reflux as well as colon cancer.

  • Microgreens are rich in vitamin Helps in reducing the abdominal fat which is specially among the women of age 55 to 66 years.

In the same way among individuals who are struggling for weight loss polyphenol presents in micro greens are known to control the fat tissue growth and fat breakdown the best microgreens are having maximum polyphenol which is present in red cabbage kohlrabi in mustard which is present in red cabbage kohlrabi and mustard.

  • The next good news about microgreen is that thiamine is  in high amount which helps the obese people who have low thiamine.
  • Microgreen is also having vitamin C to help on the obese people who are over 55 specially Women in who are having high protein metabolism rete which will help in losing weight along with reduced calorie intake over the weight loss journey. Microgreen also has good vitamin B6 which are present in chickpeas, broccoli and sunflower seeds.
  • We all know that lack of pirates causes inflammation of microgreen which helps in reducing this deficiency which helps in leading better energy for exercising resulting in better weight loss.

Ways to use microgreens for weight loss and health?

I have observed many people who are consuming microgreen after cooking them in Indian style but this is the worst thing you can ever do as I prepare my microgreens without using soil in just water. You can also check how fresh that looked and believe me it used to be yummy.

  • Fresh green juice 

I just wash a handful of these and use mixer chutney jar to make chutney like a paste after that I add a glass of chilled water Himalayan pink salt and then a dash of lemon juice also I didn’t do it you can add 2 teaspoon of chia sheets to add let us the most refreshing drink you will ever know.

  • A plate full of fresh salad

Chop Some cucumber, some tomato onion which is red and yellow pepper. Also you can add some microgreens that look like sprinkle some rock salt and a dash of lemon juice. Here you go with hardly any nutrition with very few calories.

By the way you can also add moong Dal methi and mustard seed to prepare this microgreen so now it’s up to you to decide if microgreen for health and weight loss are the best idea to go on your health journey or not.

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